"These [children] must grow up with a feeling that they have a real home." - Milton S. Hershey
Our Mission

Protect The Hersheys’ Children, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the well-being of Milton Hershey School (MHS) students; i.e., the children and sole lawful heirs of Milton & Catherine Hershey.

Our goals include ending childcare incompetence at the MHS Board and Administrative levels, assuring use of all Hershey Trust land and cash resources strictly for MHS children, removing MHS Board conflicts of interest, and creation of an MHS Board that is dedicated to the Hersheys’ child-saving mission. In short, we seek the MHS childcare reforms that the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General promised, before caving to powerful interests, rescinding reforms, and stacking the Hershey Trust board with political allies.

Our primary mode of action is to speak out about ongoing conduct detrimental to the Hersheys’ children. This includes policies that hurt MHS children, congregating MHS children, hiring unqualified administrators, politicization of the MHS Board, cronyism, abuse of frontline staff, and resource waste.

Our ranks include MHS alumni, childcare professionals, and others who share our desire to protect the Hersheys’ children. We are particularly proud to receive support from like-minded members of the Hershey community, who also seek the child-friendly and family-friendly environment that the Hersheys cherished.

Although we are a not-for-profit entity and welcome donations, these are not tax-deductible to our contributors since we do seek to influence elections. We use all our resources to generate accurate information, monitor MHS Board decisions, and convince public officials to act for the Hersheys’ children, rather than for political, corporate, or other non-child goals.

Protect The Hersheys' Children, Inc. - Board of Directors

F. Frederick Fouad '80, President
Robert A Chalmers '66, Milton Hershey School
Linda Gunderson Remsburg
Concerned PA Citizen

George W. Cave 47, MHS Alumnus of the Year 2001

Kenneth D. Beasley '73, PhD, PE


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